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Our Team

Right Mix of Talents

AZA knows how important expert and experienced hands are in diagnostics to promise the quality and accuracy at each level of diagnosis. Hence, we have the best of talents picked right in order to ensure the right diagnosis.

We have on board experienced doctoral-level Clinical Pathologists, Geneticists, Microbiologists and qualified technical staff in order to provide the information, direction, applications, and interventions to achieve our laboratory goals in disease diagnosis.

Dr.( Mrs.)Fatima Shamsuddin

(MD.Pathology) Consultant Pathologist

Dr Saneej Kanhirat

Consultant Radiologist (DMRD DNB EDiR, Fetal imaging & MSK ultrasound)

Dr.Remitha Rabindran MSc. Ph.D

Molecular Biologist & Research Coordinator

Dr.(Mrs.) Reshmi Gopalakrishnan

Consultant Microbiologist ( MD.Microbiology)

Mr.Javed Islam .T

Biochemist & Operation Head(Msc.Medical Biochemistry)

Mr.Sreerenj P.P

Biochemist & Technical Manager(Msc.Medical Biochemistry)

Mrs.Shabina .P

Microbiolgist (Msc.Medical Microbiology)

Dr.Muhammad Fousi

MD (Radiodiagnosis) F.M.F (Fetal Medicine Foundation,London -UK) accredited sonologist

Mr Nijesh O.K

Microbiolgist (Msc.Medical Microbiology)